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Wusthof 4 Stage Universal Sharpener

Wusthof 4 Stage Universal Sharpener

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This 4 stage sharpener has 2 stages for Asian/Santoku knives and 2 stages for European/standard edges. The Standard side sharpens knives to a 14 degree angle while the Asian stage sharpens to a 10 degree angle. The course (carbide) stage quickly sharpens, while the fine (ceramic) stage finishes the edge and helps polishing the knife to a sharp edge. The trick with handheld sharpeners is gentle pressure and a couple swipes at each stage.


Eversharp note: When knives get past the point where handhelds work (they're a great maintenance tool) or if you have any chips/nicks in the blade come on in or mail it in to us and we can sharpen your knives professionally. Check out our sharpening service section for pricing and our mail in form. We do not recommend using any handheld tool for serrated knives, we sharpen them tooth by tooth. Please call us or stop in if you have any questions on what sharpening tools you need.

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