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Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C90 7" Chef's Knife, Desert Ironwood

Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C90 7" Chef's Knife, Desert Ironwood

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EXKLUSIV: Includes all knives with traditional hand-forged blades made of Damascus steel. The coating technology that was exclusively developed for Nesmuk is called Nesmuk Protective Coating (NPC) and protects the blade against corrosion and preserves the damask pattern.

Chef’s Knife: The all purpose knife that allows you to carry out around 80% of all cutting tasks. As a standard knife shape it is indispensable in every kitchen for almost any task. Blade length is 180 mm or about 7 inches.

Desert Ironwood Handle: Is from the Sonora dessert in the United States and Mexico. It's one of the world's densest hardwoods and has a rich brown color.

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