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MDT67 Series Tsuchime Petty-135mm

MDT67 Series Tsuchime Petty-135mm

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The MDT67 Series Tsuchime Petty-135mm features gorgeous 67-Layer Mirror finish Damascus. These are some of the finest blades ever made at Kikuichi. With a 67-layer, hand-hammered mirror finish they sparkle on the wall and in the hand. The lighter than average blades make your cooking prep an absolute pleasure. The Octagonal Ho-wood Magnolia handle is made by traditional handle craftsmen and recalls the old style with its water buffalo ferrule, while the AUS10 core steel is a modern material made to withstand even the longest mise en place. The MDT67 Series Tsuchime Petty-135mm features a double beveled razor sharp edge.

This will quickly become your new favorite knife to use and display in your kitchen.

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