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Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Innovation 5.5" Ceramic Santoku Knife

Kyocera Innovation 5.5" Ceramic Santoku Knife

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Kyocera's Innovation series features a patented, proprietary ceramic-fused blade that KYOCERA inventors developed for optimal cutting performance while enhancing the durability 2x more than traditional ceramic blades. With a sharp and long-lasting edge combined with an ergonomic uniquely designed soft grip handle, this tool will soon be a favorite in your collection.

Ceramic blades while more fragile then metal stay sharper longer - so they're perfect for more delicate jobs like cutting fruit and slicing meat with no bones. This would not be for hard things like squash etc. We recommend you hand wash any kitchen tool you love and this is no exception.

We love Kyocera Ceramic knives at Eversharp and we are the authorized sharpening service and can sharpen a ceramic knife for just $12 - please see our sharpening services. Please feel free to call us at 612-379-1300 if you need help figuring out the perfect ceramic knife for you.


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