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Helle Nord Sleipner

Helle Nord Sleipner

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The winter up north can be cold and hard. The new Nord Sleipner certainly matches it. We have substituted the stainless 3.7 steel blade on the regular Nord with a 4mm
Sleipner steel blade. The handle shape is the same revolutionary combination of two grips—a front grip for finer details and a back grip for chopping. However, the added weight and blade thickness make this version slightly more geared towards chopping and heavier use. This version also features white liners and a black sheath.
Nord (North) is more than a direction. It also represents strength, darkness during winter, and light during summer. The extreme shifts in nature between the seasons, the connection to nature, and the effect it has on us for that same reason is how we at Helle see ourselves as a part of the culture of the north.

The Nord knife is developed to meet the demands of the
Scandinavian Wilderness. Sprung out of our traditions as
knife-makers and taken one step further than what is normally
seen from Helle. 

Note: Sleipner is a tool steel, and as such, it will rust if exposed
to humidity over time. Wipe the blade after use and apply a
thin coat of oil to protect the blade regularly.

Specifications Nord Sleipner
Weight incl. sheath 450 g / 15.87 oz
Blade material Uddeholm Sleipner
Blade thickness 4 mm / 0.157 inch
Blade length 147 mm / 5.79 inches
Blade construction Full-tang
Handle material Curly birch and vulcanized fibres
Handle length 137 mm / 5.39 inches
Sheath material: Genuine leather (Black)
Design by Helle
Design year 2024

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