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8" Carving Knife Classic 4522/20

8" Carving Knife Classic 4522/20

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This is with Wusthof's new Classic design. The knife quality has stayed the same, they just will now have a permanent red logo on their handles. This is replacing their red sticker that was on their Classic line previously.

The "old" model number was 4522/20, the new item number is 1040100720. Both numbers would mean the Classic 8" Carving Knife.

Never struggle with the Christmas turkey again. The weight, balance, and sharpness of the Wusthof 8” Carving Knife make carving a pleasure instead of a chore. Slice thick or thin. Flex and bend around bones for the finest cuts. Perfect for cutting into corners. Whether you’re carving chicken, duck, small hams, or roasts, this long, slender blade cuts meat like butter.

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