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7" Hollow Edge Chai Dao Classic 8888

7" Hollow Edge Chai Dao Classic 8888

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Cleaver. Santoku knife. Chef’s knife. Put them all into one razor-sharp tool and you’re ready to get to work on nearly any kitchen task with the Wusthof 7” Hollow Edge Chai Dao knife.

Featuring a lighter build than the standard chef’s knife, it’s ideal for reducing fatigue while working on prep-heavy projects. Ideal for mincing and dicing, the slightly curved blade allows for effortless rocking. Employ this powerhouse knife for paper-thin cuts, thick-stalk veggies and even slicing strips of beef for stir fry.

Soon to be your go-to favorite knife, there’s practically nothing the Chai Dao can’t do. Best of all, its hollow edge prevents starchy veggies from sticking to the knife, making your prep work easier and faster.

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