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6" Cook's Knife Classic Ikon

6" Cook's Knife Classic Ikon

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The knife that stays with you for a lifetime. The Wusthof Classic IKON 6” Cook’s knife is the knife you’ll use to cook dinner on the night you get engaged, and it’s the knife you’ll use on your 25th anniversary. It’s the knife you’ll learn with in culinary school and the knife you’ll cook with at your James Beard award-winning restaurant.

In the kitchen, it’s your versatile best friend and the single most important tool you’ll ever use. From slicing and dicing to chopping and carving, the Wusthof Cook’s knife is the most beloved chef’s knife in the world, and for good reason. With a perfectly balanced, ultra-sturdy full-tang blade, it’s built to last a lifetime and comfortable enough for hours of prep work. From your first chopped onion to your finest garnish, this is the knife you want by your side for every culinary adventure.

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