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2-3/4" Peeling Knife Classic #4062

2-3/4" Peeling Knife Classic #4062

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2021 update: Original item number was 4062, the new number is 1040102207. It's the same exact knife just instead of the trident logo as a sticker it is a permanent red logo on the handle.

A brilliantly crafted tool for fine detail work. The nimble curve of this Wusthof peeling knife gets in nooks and crannies like no ordinary peeler can.

Make intricate cuts for decorative garnishes, from radish roses and carrot curls to watermelon baskets and sorbet-filled oranges and lemons. Deftly de-stem and de-seed peppers. Easily remove meat from the complex bones of lamb legs or ham shanks. It’s the knife of choice for making boat-shaped French potatoes or carrots and on our top-ten list of most essential kitchen cutlery.
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