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Wusthof 10" Honing Steel, Double Bolster

Wusthof 10" Honing Steel, Double Bolster

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Using a steel gives you easier, safer, knife work with higher-quality cuts. Keep your knives as razor sharp as the day you bought them. Honing your blades with the Wusthof 10” Double Bolster Steel realigns tiny microscopic metallic teeth, extending the lifetime of your blades and ensuring stellar performance. Plus, your knives will stay sharper, longer, so they’ll spend more time in your kitchen and less time getting professionally sharpened!

  • Durable steel construction is highly resistant to corrosion and deformation.
  • Keep your knives sharp, your cutting effortless and your kitchen safer with regular honing.
  • Double bolster design strengthens and balances the steel, perfect for use in your non-dominant hand.

Made in: Germany

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