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Nesmuk JANUS Folder, Silver Hammer-Blow

Nesmuk JANUS Folder, Silver Hammer-Blow

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Nesmuk Folder: After 4 years of development, the Nesmuk Folder was created. Carefully designed down to the last detail, the special blade geometry ensures only the tip of the blade dulls, while the cutter stays sharp much longer. The Nesmuk Folder is an elegant accessory, and is intended to beautifully cut your food at home or can be carried out. The blade length is 85 mm or 3.35 inches and is positioned and held only by a back spring. It counteracts a weight of about 600 g. For safety, the blade stops during opening and closing with a stopover at 90 degrees. The folding knives are available in the EXKLUSIV, JANUS and SOUL lines.

JANUS: Unmistakable on the black blade – its made of a high performance steel with niobium content and refined using a high quality diamond like carbon (DLC) coating that optimizes the functional properties of the blade.

Hammer Blow Silver Folding Knife: Niobium steel, 60 HRC, DLC coating, black precious resin with white fine finish. Handle shell is made of hammer blow silver and includes leather pouch.


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