MIYABI Evolution merges German engineering expertise with Japanese craftsmanship for an extraordinary knife series. Fabricated from the same fine carbide steel that is often used in razor blades, the knives offer the signature sharpness for which Japanese knives are known. A sophisticated six-step ice hardening technique unlocks the steel’s full potential guaranteeing these FRIODURx2® blades boast remarkable initial sharpness, cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance, and chip-resistant toughness. 46 artisans handcraft each MIYABI Evolution knife. Beautifully polished to a mirror finish, the blades have a katana edge reminiscent of the samurai swords forged in the same town centuries ago. Curved for comfort and thicker at the end to prevent slipping, the triple-rivet handles encourage fatigue-free cutting. A rounded spine, heel and bolster plus nine hand-finishing steps ensure these handles have unsurpassed ergonomics