Mail-in Sharpening

WÜSTHOF & Kyocera Factory-Authorized Service Center

Please note that while our flat rate shipping covers the return of your sharpened knives, customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their knives to us for sharpening.

Safely package your knives in a box (not a padded envelope). Do not send any knife blocks or personal items besides your knives (towels, etc.).

Suggested Packaging Instructions:

  • Using newspaper, roll knives diagonally from corner in one sheet of folded newspaper. You do not need to individually wrap each knife.
  • Place knives in a proper box that fits the knives and packaging.
  • Add additional packaging so you cannot hear or feel the knives shift in the package when closed.
  • Include this form and payment in the package, tape securely and label.
  • Please ask your preferred mailing/shipping company to provide you with a tracking number. You may protect your knives if desired by adding shipping insurance. Eversharp is not liable for lost shipments.

Please mail to:
344 Taft Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Phone: 612-379-1300
Please contact us with any questions!

Shipping knives can be dangerous. To ensure the safety of Eversharp and carrier employees please watch this important video and agree to safely package your knives for sharpening service by Eversharp.

*If your knives are poking through a package USPS will confiscate them and contact you- please make sure to follow these steps carefully*

Materials needed:

  • Newspaper
  • Packing tape
  • Shipping box


  1. Begin by cleaning and drying your kitchen knives. Make sure there is no moisture left on them.
  2. Take each knife and wrap it in several layers of newspaper. You can wrap more than one knife together, just make sure there is newspaper between them.
  3. Secure the newspaper with tape. Make sure that the wrapped knives are tight and won't fall out.
  4. Once all the knives are wrapped, place them in a shipping box. Make sure that the box is sturdy and properly sized for the knives. You don't want the knives to move around inside the box during transit.
  5. Crumple up some additional newspaper and place it between the tips of the knives and the sides of the box. This will help prevent the tips of the knives from poking through the box during transit.
  6. Fill any empty spaces in the box with more crumpled newspaper. Make sure that the knives are snugly packed and can't move around inside the box.
  7. Place the filled-out sharpening form and a check if you choose to pay that way in the box. Please note return shipping is $16.
  8. Close the box and seal it with packing tape. Make sure that all edges are securely taped.
  9. Address the box and add any necessary shipping labels.

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