Knife Skills Classes

Looking for an interesting and educational option for a birthday party, bridal party or any other type of get together with friends and family? Eversharp Kitchen Store now offers the option of creating your own private knife skills class!

The class accommodates up to 10 people and can be scheduled after normal business hours during the week or anytime on Sundays. You will learn to fundamentals of good knife skills including techniques, maintenance and efficiency. Our expert instructor will demonstrate proper knife usage and be able to provide feedback as each participant in the class has the hands on opportunity to practice cutting techniques.


In addition to learning a variety of knife skills we also provide beverages and grill homemade flatbread pizzas during the class.

If your group has special preferences or dietary restrictions feel free to contact Maddie at 612-379-1300 to discuss changes in the menu. If you have any other questions about customizing your ideal class please contact the number above and we’d be happy to help plan your perfect evening.

Every knife skills class covers:

-How to maintain and keep your knife sharp

-Proper techniques for chopping, mincing and dicing

-Learning  the four basic blade shapes

-Choosing the right knife for the right job

-How to select cutlery based on features and benefits

-How knives are made

-Knife safety

-Proper knife storage.

Each participant will have a chance to not only observe but also get hands on practice with a variety of techniques.

*Included in the class is a free gift of one Wusthof  come-apart kitchen shears per person.